For the non-writers…a Letter to the Superintendent you can use!

Many people have said to me, “I want to help, but I don’t really understand the problem, and don’t quite have the words. could you help out…I’d love to write a letter to Mr. Cortines, but need guidance.”

Yesterday, our Public Relations Guru suggested a solution.  A cut & paste friendly version of the kind of thing that would help.  “Preferably with Bullet Points.”

That was wisdom.  Thusly, below the line, is something you can easily paste into a mail for Mr. Cortines.  Feel free to do so…his name was a hot link after all.


To Mr. Cortines,

I have recently become interested in Public School Choice 2.0.  I understand that there are only three “focus schools,” that are basically schools in need of major overhaul.  Only one of those schools, Henry Clay, has a Teacher Led, Teacher Only team that is looking to improve student scores and teacher accountability.

A brief look at shows that Henry Clay has never gone past a 555 API.  The Principals are reassigned frequently, and suspensions are high.  These are serious problems.

The proposal for the Western Academy, by Team Kuppersmith, seems to use strategies that have already succeed in Boston, the Pilot Model.  The Small School format is also proven.  In addition, not only do they seek teacher accountability, but their own performance at that school has been strong (it is in their plan, the Appendix).

In light of that:

  • Henry Clay needs change.  It cannot be allowed to continue, business as usual.
  • The Western Academy, which wants to share the campus with another entity, seems like a good idea.
  • Further…new management it needed.  If the Western Academy is approved or not, Green Dot, a charter, should be given a chance with part or all of the campus.

“Waiting for Superman,” suggested that Charters were a major improvement.  Where that might not be true, it seems that changing the management and staff at Clay can’t be a bad idea.

Thank you for the time in reading this, and I hope that it shows the concern that several people in California, even the U.S., have for even one small middle school.  Our students deserve the best we can give them.


(your name here)


That makes it pretty easy, I think.  By the way, the e-mail address is .  In case you missed the link above.

Thank you so much for your mail campaign.  The students would also…but we keep this political stuff out of the classroom.


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